Japan has many
intriguing city to be visited. One of them is Kanagawa in which you find the
latest trend contemporary living. Sinato is the designer of Fujigaoka M
residence. He finishes it last year with good predicate. By the way, the exact
location is in Fujigaouka, Aoba Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Perfecture, Japan.
Unique minimalist living area sets aside the front door. By the way, it nears
the dashing bathroom vanity too. Eccentric round tripod coffee table faces off
the cool mid-century sofa and inspiring wall unit.

Substantively, this
wooden wall is for bedroom. Even though, living space decorates it with seating
and shelves. When we keep walking, stunning one wall kitchen welcome you soon.
Narrow wall another bedroom side only adds stool. That kitchen designs with
finest floating cabinetfor stainless steel sink. Nonetheless, it integrates the
stylish oak wood cabinet for stove. Further, part of the gray wall also
decorates with sleek white mosaic tile backsplash and hanging fitting.

Obvious, window nook and storage are not only for the living area. Yet, it spans until in front of the kitchen in sectional shape. Fancy dining area is limited for four family members. Seemly, the designer puts fascinating mid-century table with clear glass top. Then, a wide range or adorable dining chairs enhance with spectacular sense. Wooden wall for the dining area decorates different. It hangs two framed painting and round wall clock.

Awesome tribal pattern rug connects the social area with bedroom. It lies down in the middle space and faces off the nice wall storage. That bedroom itself is not large but cozy. Pretty platform bed puts with grey tolomeo floor lamp and potted plant. Alongside that there is still industrial console table under window. Overall, this Japanese house is unique. Even, it is my first time meet with this house. Therefore, inspire others though this Fujigaoka M.